Is attempting to be humorous worth the potential consequences of not succeeding?

Have it Your Way

“Schnitzel is a veal cutlet that has been pounded paper thin. It’s the size of a small country and easily extends over the border of the plate.” I explained to Marlene “It’s wonderful! You have to experience it”.   Marlene was traveling on a Eurail pass and only had a few hours before her train departed for the next European destination. “Let’s have dinner at a…

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Learn What and When to Code-Switch

What is Code-switching? Code-switching occurs often between speakers of two languages or more. It also occurs within a language.  There is two ways I’d like to present for code-switching. One is an embedded language within our mother language or matrix language. The matrix language may not be your mother tongue but the target language of work or society which you have to speak to get…

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Busting Myths about Language Learning

“I can’t learn I’m too old.” It may be easier for children because they are in a learning environment all day, where as most English language learners are trying to do it in an hour, once a week!  This isn’t nearly enough time to learn and so it’s not only age that might affect how much you learn but the time you devote to learning….

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