Who am I??

I am certified as a Intercultural Business Trainer and Moderator and I have over 15 years as a communication trainer teaching Business English communication skills. What I know is that language is half of our communication. The other half is body language, tone of voice, and listening skills. It’s like line dancing you must coordinate!

I am what Anthony Gregoric classified as an abstract random thinker. I couldn’t think inside a box -even if I were shadow boxing. Once I accepted my difference, I was able to explore communication and how to make it work for me, when I reach for random connections. However, I do want to connect, and I know that is one reason we reach out and so we have to make it stick.

That’s why I created H.I.V.E - speaking your truth is the key to understanding yourself and others. Inside a hive, communication creates harmony, and in the human environment we seek to create a harmonious environment.


Gurrl, You Ain’t Crazy: Self-help for your funny bone!

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    "Annabelle has been a great standup comedian and speaker at our female empowerment event." Anne-Katrin S., Event Planner

    "Annabelle I've learned alot from you... With your friendly art and your diversified lessons - it is never boring!" Doris, BASF

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