Communication is everything.


The 6 Points of Communication Leadership

Listen - There are four basic listening styles that I train active, passive, critical and selective. How you listen will make you a better leader, partner and/or parent. I help you to learn how to use these listening styles and practice higher forms of listening. Gain insight from the Drollinger et al. (2006) active empathetic listening scale. Active listening involves using all your senses. Direct your focus from what is going on inside your head to your speaking partner. Develop the mindset of active listening to bring about the goal of making your partner heard and understood.

Filter - Much miscommunication is responding with stereotypes and inequality. There is potential for intercultural miscommunication due to social linguistic coding as well as the social roles we play. There are psychological barriers based on our traumas, expectations, misevaluation. Learn to employ different perspectives to engage and not fall into unhelpful patterns. Clarify the cultural differences that contribute to the interpretations and enlarge your perception of your own attitudes and responses in situations.

Understand - How to understand by connotation, denotation, analogy, generalizations, humor, sarcasm and train emotional intelligence and insights. As Karl Popper, philosopher said, “It is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood.” Learn how to listen to crafted communication and discern what is being said, sold, signified, sermonized, or surmised.

Speak - Comes halfway through the program because what you say is weighed by what you have heard. How do you respond? What do you say? How do you say it? This course includes had to customize your message to listeners interests. How to have difficult conversations. How to present so that there is less chance that you will be misunderstood. Quickly identify what you want to say and the best way to say it.

Body Language - Behavior, what do you do to act/react, emote/express feelings. How do you handle yourself in space? What do you do to comfort? How do you portray well-being as well as stress? When a speaker uses paralanguage including vocalizations, voice tone and volume, eye contact and social touch if it is permitted.

Media - Are the other ways we communicate in the 21st century. We write more but shorted and more scripted text. Asynchronous communication is more prevalent as we are not in the same time zone and are working at different times. Do you not see your team, or even know them personally? How do you build rapport then? We may be charged with the social media of our organization and making a tribe or building followers. Or you may need to keep your correspondence lively and keep your team engaged when you cannot have fact to face meetings. Created communications that engage and build trust.

Corporate Communication Training

My expertise is in helping you find the language necessary to do business with clients and colleagues and improving your skills in presentation of your ideas. For yourself, your employees or your co workers.

What do you get?

I am a CELTA certified teacher with a certificate in International Business English Training, an Intercultural Training Certificate and a BA in English and Creative Writing.
​I have mentored clients in improving their presentation skills, and I have won an award for humorous speaking.

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My clients range from accountants to plant managers, and I've found that what we all want most is not to be misunderstood. I look forward to hearing from you!
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"Annabelle I've learned alot from you... With your friendly art and your diversified lessons - it is never boring!" ​Doris, BASF

"Annabelle is an outstanding academic and English language trainer. She is well-prepared, precise and provides clear and understandable instruction." Deborah J. KCHW radio underwriter

"Thank you for the lovely and friendly meeting. It was refreshing to think about writing emails in a more detailed way rather than just checking the spelling mistakes." Bassante A.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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